Bellis Industrial Contracting

Come to us with a job or a specification and we will be able to deliver the perfect product.

Bellis Industrial Contracting

Here at Bellis  we have over two decades of experience in insulation, sheet metal and industrial contracting. The people in our workshops in Gladstone and Brisbane are the experts in industrial contracting in Australia. Supply and installation of insulation materials is what Bellis is known for, but we can also manufacture custom sheet metal products for you. Come to us with a job or a specification and we will be able to deliver the perfect product.

Whether the job is large or small, Bellis has the capacity to handle it. Our warehouses have handled insulation shutdowns on LNG plants and supplied labour, material and expertise to many industrial sites in the Gladstone region. If you are looking for industrial contractors, then contact Bellis to see how we can help you with your material or labour requirements.
We are able to handle all stainless steel thicknesses up to 4mm and are experts at making acoustic covers, fire protection, personnel protection, and safety guards. On top of industrial applications, we can make air conditioner covers, or anything else you need. We have tools for cutting, rolling, punching, welding, bending, notching or any other sheet metal work.

Recent works – Ethylene Column for DLNG


Our workshop sheet metal workers have been working on an ethylene column for our control witch ConocoPhillips. The insulation and cladding system needs to meet J15 Fire Rating as specified by the client. The column needed insulating with 12 layers of Cryogel Z and cladding and 0.9mm stainless steel.  As we have mentioned in previous blogs, Bellis is now in a partnership with Aspen Aerogels to distribute Cryogel Z and other products.

This robust insulation system gave the column the thermal insulating requirements needed along with the required fire resistance. The J15 fire rating also necessitated the screwing of both sides of each lap.  The challenging sheet metal work required for the high standards required for this job are the bread and butter for our Bellis sheet metal workers, and this work can be done in our warehouse or on site.

Industrial Contracting in Brisbane

We can also offer many of the same sheet metal contracting services in Brisbane. We have talked about Bellis contracting capabilities in previous blogs, you can read about them here. From Brisbane we can service the contracting needs on your site or in our warehouse for the Southern and South East Queensland region.

Our expertise in Brisbane includes the supply and installation of insulation materials and cladding to piping, vessels, equipment and tanks. We can do this on your site or on our premises, for any insulation applications including thermal, acoustic, cryogenic and personnel protection applications.
Our Brisbane sheet metal capabilities in our warehouse include sheet metal cladding fabricated using galvanised, colorbond, aluminium and stainless steel material up to 1.0mm thickness.
If you have a sheet metal or insulation contracting requirement, contact our helpful staff in Brisbane or Gladstone to see how we can help you.