Bellis Sheet Metal Working Capabilities

Bellis Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services, including Stainless Steel

Here at Bellis we have more than 35 years experience in sheet metal work, so we are in the perfect place to help fabricate your custom sheet metal job.  Large or small, Bellis can do it.  Our experienced sheet metal workers have experience with all manner of fabrication jobs, in the workshop and on site.

Insulation Cladding

On top of the supply and installation of insulation material, Bellis can manufacture the jacket and cladding for pipe work.  This can be installed on site or supplied directly.  Our sheet metal workers can also manufacture valve boxes, flange boxes, lobster backed bends, T joints, and anything else you can think of.  Whether you require cladding for an entire LNG plant or for your chimney, the staff in either our Gladstone or  Brisbane workshops are up to the job.

Custom Metal Jobs

Whether you need a custom metal work for a one off application or for multiple purposes, Bellis can service your cutting, rolling, punching, welding, bending , notching or any other needs. We can manufacture to your specifications to give you the best product.

Personal Protection

If you need to protect yourself or your workers in day to day operation of your equipment, it is important to have correct personnel protection.  Physical guards or barriers will prevent contact with high-temperature surfaces.  Bellis Australia can specify and manufacture guards, and are experienced in working with expanded steel or mesh for the purpose.

Bellis uses CNC sheet metal fabrication equipment and CNC plasma cutting machines in the fabrication process. We stock sheet metals in:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
    • Plain
    • Mill finish
    • Stucco embossed
  • Colour bond
  • Zinc Alum
  • Galvanized