Wavebar acoustic barrier from Bellis

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Industrial or commercial applications, Wavebar products in 8kg, 4kg, Quadzero.

Wavebar mass loaded vinyl from Bellis Australia

Loud noises in any industrial environment are going to have a negative effect on anyone who needs to work in these areas.  To overcome this, we use PPE for our workers, and we also do our best to isolate noise sources.  One of the most effective methods for reducing sound transmission is the use of acoustic barriers and insulation.  Wavebar is great for this purpose. High mass loaded vinyl is perfect for either your new projects or existing projects you can improve with noise reduction.

Noise transmission and leaking

Noise transmission through walls and ceilings can affect the comfort, privacy and confidentiality of your building’s occupants.  You can also use Wavebar for applications in automotive vehicles to reduce driving noise.

Wavebar acoustic barriers are a great option for low cost, long lasting solution to noise isolation problems.  The flexible manufacture means that you can install them in gaps that allow noise to leak through, which also aids by the ease of cutting and sewing.  While they are easy to cut and sew, their high tensile strength allows you to suspend them and they will resist tearing.  We can also manufacture acoustic covers for your specific custom applications, with or without thermal insulation.  Either contact us or check out our manufacturing page.

Acoustic insulation is often neglected in construction due to the intangible effects of sound transmission before a site is completed.  As anyone who has worked in a noisy environment knows, a loud environment does nothing for productivity.  Use Wavebar to easily treat sound that leaks through lightweight panel walls.  Plasterboard or drywall often have these problems, as do ceilings.  By covering these surfaces with Wavebar, you can improve working environment.

Where can you use Wavebar?


Loaded vinyl barriers have found uses in applications from privacy in offices, to sound protection from traffic noise, to plant operations aboard marine vessels.  You can easily install Wavebar without needing any additional framework.  This makes it perfect for office fitouts and refurbishments.  You can also install them on lightweight structures to reduce vibration and airborne noise.  Bellis also can supply acoustic barriers for underfloor applications.

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