Foamglas Insulation Building Envelope.

Foamglas insulation can also insulate the bases of parking decks,
while being strong enough to withstand the weight.

The use of Foamglas in commercial or residential wall insulation is ideal for insulation requiring thermal isolation when moisture ingress is not desired.  Previous blogs have discussed Foamglas but the following blog post discusses the implications for the building envelope.

The prevention of thermal bridging is required to complete the thermal building envelope.  Thermal bridges can cause heat to escape from a building, which may cause moisture to condense in places where it cannot escape.  Two products from Bellis are Foamglas Wall Board and Foamglas Perinsul S.

Foamglas Wall Board

Foamglas Wall Board is ideal for use in wall insulation applications.  It prevents water adsorption, is fireproof and is dimensionally stable with varying temperature.  Wall Board can be applied to the exterior surface of an existing wall.  Water seepage through any current external wall construction is eliminated and the insulating properties of Foamglas are maintained.

Wall Board is chosen by architects for green roofs because of its high compressive strength and water tight fully bonded roof construction.  Green roofs necessitate the presence of water to keep plants alive; however it is vital that this water is isolated from the building.  The vapour tight makeup of the Foamglas shields the building from moisture, and also pests present in the garden, and root penetration.  It is also inert to the presence of chemicals or fertilizers.

Wall Board can be applied to building wall facades and in cavity wall construction.  This builds into the building envelope.

Foamglas insulation can also insulate the bases of parking decks, while being strong enough to withstand the weight.

Foamglas Perinsul S

Foamglas Perinsul S is a high density insulation product to eliminate thermal bridging.  It is dimensionally stable enough to support the load of masonry walls.  Like other Foamglas products, it is totally inorganic.  It has a higher compressive strength than other Foamglas products.  Perinsul S has uniform thermal performance and load-bearing capacity without additional support elements.  The structure of Perinsul S can protect against moisture for a very long time, since the properties are stable across the life of structures.

Perinsul S can combine the insulation and load-bearing elements of masonry in a single layer, and allows the prevention of thermal bridging around the wall base, this can complete the building envelope.  It can be combined with all common masonry types for construction.

More information on which Foamglas products can help you complete your building envelope by contacting Bellis or Owens Corning (formally Pittsburgh Corning)