Thermal Insulation with Versi-­Foam Systems

You Thermal insulation is a vital energy ­saving staple in residential, commercial, and industrial enterprises. Versi-foam is an easy to use spray foam insulation product.

You Thermal insulation is a vital energy ­saving staple in residential, commercial, and industrial enterprises. Versi-foam is an easy to use spray foam insulation product. With innumerable insulation products out in the market, choosing an insulation material that is both economical and easy to install can be difficult.


Versi-Foam thermal insulation spray kits

Bellis Australia is the official distributor of Versi-­Foam Spray Foam Kit in Australia. Versi­-Foam is one of our most versatile product and you can use it in most applications where you need thermal insulation.  It is the top choice for our customers, especially insulation professionals and contractors. The Versi­-Foam two­-component expandable polyurethane system is self­-contained so you don’t need an outside power source to use it.

Bellis sells Versi­-Foam spray kits in both open and closed cell polyurethane foam systems. A closed cell foam kit has better thermal insulation properties as compared to the open celled foam kit. Its R­-value is higher per metre. The closed cell prevents moisture build up and is mould resistant while open celled foam kits have a higher expansion rate, which means you don’t need as much foam to complete a project.

Versi­-Foam comes in three standard sizes.  Each size System is a different sized, where System 10 is the smallest and System 50 is the largest.  Both System 10 and System 15 are single box sizes, while the more economical System 50 comes in two boxes.  Each kit has it’s trade off depending on what your use is, so talk to the experts at Bellis to find out more.


Some of the benefits of Versi­-Foam include the following:

  • Each kit comes pre­-pressurised with an easy to use U­-control gun, hose assembly, and dispensing nozzles
  • The thermal foam insulation can get to the hard ­to ­reach areas that fibreglass insulation can’t reach
  • Versi-­Foam has moisture and mould resistance factors
  • The spray foam creates an airtight thermal seal
  • Makes the structure more stable and durable
  • Curing time takes 5 to 10 minutes depending on the temperature (Carefully read manufacturer’s manual before use!)

You can use Versi-Foam Systems Disposable Foam Kit for many applications. These include general construction, metal building insulation and sealing, roofing, residential construction, transportation insulation, and marine applications like floatation devices.  For the maintenance in industrial settings, Versi­Foam provides pipe and fitting insulation along with duct and tank insulation, condensation control, and sealing of air and dust.

Call Bellis Australia for more information on Versi-Foam portable two ­component polyurethane foam systems today.

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