Talk to Bellis about Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier

Bellis stocks and sells both Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier as another acoustic insulation solution. 


Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier

You can facilitate noise control in your industrial applications by implementing some sort of acoustic insulation.  Bellis offers many products to achieve this control, most of all to minimise harm to your workers and to promote safety in your workplace, by allowing communication and awareness of alerts.

Sorberfoam is an acoustic foam, which is made from polyurethane foam to offer you superior soundproofing than traditional acoustic insulation products that you may have used previously.  By controlling the cell size, porosity and density of the foam, the product achieves optimum acoustic insulation properties, therefore decreasing the sound transmitted in your application.  As a result, you can lower the vibration noise produced.

If you have a more heavy duty requirement, Sorberbarrier implements a layer of loaded vinyl, to further reduce noise transmission.

Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier can be used for domestic, commercial or industrial applications. This is especially important for your uses of Sorberfoam or Sorberbarrier where acoustic insulation is required while also being exposed to humid, hot, or acidic conditions because the unique structure of these products.


 Specific Uses

  • Use for under bonnet insulation and interior sound absorption for buses, trucks, and cars
  • Boat engine compartments
  • Wall and ceiling linings for plant and equipment rooms
  • HVAC systems
  • Headlining
  • Compressor and generator set enclosures
  • Machinery and equipment enclosures
  • Electronic and electrical equipment

Other benefits of the products are easy handling and installation, and long product life for your application.  Bellis stocks Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier so call us on 1300 740 564 or Talk to an Expert to discuss your specific need.