Maintenance Services

Bellis Australia provides multidisciplinary
maintenance services to support our
customers’ critical assets.

Bellis Australia holds long-term maintenance contracts with a variety of blue-chip clients who value us as a trusted maintenance provider. With extensive experience in delivering long-term maintenance contracts,

We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure optimal plant productivity and integrate with our customers’ systems to develop and execute maintenance work.

Our services include planning, procurement, supervision, Crew Hire and execution of routine, preventative and breakdown maintenance.

We work 24/7 to optimise asset value and deliver improved maintenance processes and capability.


Services we offer:

  • Hot and Cryogenic Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation & Sound Proofing
  • Fireproofing and Protection
  • Corrosion Control
  • Access Solutions
  • Crew Hire
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Insulation Material Procurement
  • Removable Covers
  • Expansion Joints
  • Electrical Heat Tracing