Corrosion Control, preventative and maintenance

Corrosion control is an important factor for permanent and temporary insulation applications.

Insulation Drain Plugs

The Problem

Moisture in insulation systems, in combination with temperatures from ambient to approx 170ºC, can lead to serious Corrosion Under Insulation (C.U.I.) of pipes and equipment. Metal jacketing is used to protect against mechanical damages and weather conditions, and caulking/sealants are used in addition for flashing of protrusions and overlaps. Due to several causes like foot traffic, water or moisture still gets in the insulation and will cause deterioration of thermal properties and start corrosion (C.U.I.). Therefore creating an extra back-up is essential.

The Solution

Drain plugs are made of tough, self-extinguishing, all-weather Bergamid B700 UF Black. The insulation materials always act as barrier for the moisture  .By installing Drain plugs in the outer jacketing, any water or moisture that penetrates the insulation system can drain out freely. The  Drain plug is designed so it can be broken off in  different lengths. It is important that the obtained length is equal to the insulation thickness minus 10mm.


As a general rule of thumb, Drain plugs are installed at the six o’clock position at every 3 meter in insulating piping and at the lowest point in equipment.

Insulation Inspection Plugs

Catch corrosion-under-insulation and other pipe and vessel process environment integrity degradations before catastrophe strikes your facility with Insulation inspection Plug Flange.

Insulation inspection plugs for cryogenic, ambient and super-heated applications that create standardised locations underneath jacketing and insulation for pipe-surface inspection and non-destructive testing.

Installation of inspection plugs is simple, eliminates the need to continually remove and replace insulation and jacketing for each inspection, reduces human error and increases workplace safety.