Fabrication & Manufacturing

From alumina refineries and smelters,
poly-metal, to uranium operations and more



Bellis Australia has been cutting and machining insulation and metal products since 1980, and has a wealth of information from our experience with the insulation requirements of our Australian & international clients.

Insulation projects we address include thermal and acoustic insulation, fireproofing and personal protection.

Our design team can deliver fabricated pieces from either specification of a system to be insulated, isometric drawings, or a previous template, all meeting our high-quality standards, to a certificated ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Manufacturing and fabrication services include:

  • Thermal Insulation Hot – Cold – Cryogenic
  • Foamglas Cellular Glass – Pool Fire Suppressant (PFS) System
  • Acoustic Insulation – For all noise control application
  • Marine / Aviation Industries Insulation – Fire Protection
  • Preinsulated Piping Systems for above and underground installation
  • Prefabricated panel insulation systems for tanks and vessels – Cyclone Rated
  • Instalag & MAKA Preinsulated Piping Systems
  • TIPS Preinsulated Panel Systems for Tanks