Rockwool Pipe Section

Bellis stocks Rockwool blocks, blankets, and fabricates customised pipe sections and boards based on client requirements.

Rockwool Pipe Section

Rock Wool Pipe Section is a light weight thermal insulation suitable for use upto a temperature of 650ºC. It is suitable for process temperature control, energy conservation and condensation prevention for plant and equipment such as storage tanks, heat exchanger, reactors, precipitators, stacks, ovens, air conditioning duct work and refrigeration equipment. The Pipe Section is easy to install which is available
in different sizes & thickness. The Pipe Sections are supplied ready split and hinged for quick and easy snap-on assembly and are suitable for thermal and acoustical insulation of pipe work.

Their excellent fit and high compression resistance means that Pipe Sections can be applied in a single layer without any additional spacers. Consequently the number of thermal bridges, which have a negative influence on the insulation, is greatly reduced.

The Rockwool pipe sections can be used for fire rated applications for piping and services where wall penetrations are required in buildings. Please contact us for details of the fire rated approvals .

rockwool pipe

Bellis has CNC equipment for fabricating any size Pipe Insulation from Rockwool slab to suit all applications on a just in time basis. These fabricated pipe insulation sections have been used on major projects around Australia. Service temperatures upto 650ºC. Available either plain or faced with aluminum foil/ sisalation. CNC equipment for this application is located in Perth, Gladstone and Brisbane facilities for quick localized availability.

Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) is preformed rockwool sectional pipe insulation. The SPI are available in 1.2m long straight pipe sections with sizes and thicknesses to suit the requirements of the scope. SPI diameters are manufactured to fit over standard piping sections.

SPI sections can be provided as half sections or as one piece with a slit to facilitate easy and fast installation over piping.


  • To form insulated elbows with Pipe Section, the section is cut at angles to form segments.
  • The amount of segments depends on the size of the pipe and the angle of the elbow.
  • When the pipe section segments are fit around the pipe, they are secured with steel banding or
    wire ties per section.
  • Any minor gaps between segments can be filled with any pieces of Rockwool Insulation.


  • Resilient, high performance vapour barrier provided by one-piece
  • Fast and simple installation reduces costs and time on site
  • Impressive acoustic insulation properties
  • Nominal density not less than 120 kg/m3
  • Tape requirement reduced
  • Non-combustible
  • Long life and high shear resistance
For ordering or any enquiries, please contact Bellis Australia at 1300 740 564