Rockwool Partition Batts

Soundproofing in structures is necessary to reduce environmental and safety hazards. Especially within industrial plants where heavy machinery is used day in and day out.

Rockwool Sound Insulation

Soundproofing in structures is necessary to reduce environmental and safety hazards. Especially within industrial plants where heavy machinery is used day in and day out. This puts your clients at ease knowing that their building has the capability to safeguard them from complaints and health care expenses due to hearing damage or loss. Reducing and controlling noise emissions are possible with Rockwool partition batts insulation.


The Rockwool partition batts are lightweight, semi rigid batt insulation, made out of stone wool materials and inherently reduces airflow and sound transmissions due to its original nondirectional, denser structure. Soundproofing is just one facet of Rockwool partition batts. It is an insulation product commonly supplied by Bellis since it is efficient, sturdy and ecofriendly.

It is made out of natural stone and composed of 15% recycled material. Originally a product used in North America for several industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries, this industrial and process insulation product features the following capabilities all in one:

  • Fire resistance Rockwool partition batts and other Rockwool line of products are made with stone wool and recycled substances that make the structure noncombustible. For companies operating within temperatures up to 650°C. Rockwool partition batts can serve as your first line of defence in cases of fire.
  • Water Resistance – A common trend within the rockwool line of products is its inability to absorb water and contain moisture. It prevents and drains water from pipes and vessels without compromising RValue. As you know, the higher the Rvalue, the higher its capacity to resist heat flow.
  • Environment-friendly – This insulation product is chemically inert for reducing indoor air quality pollutants. It is strong against mould, fungi and bacteria. It also lowers the carbon emissions as it is a CFC and HCFC free product and process.

Considerations often overlooked

Quality Insulation is one that should never be overlooked by contractors and engineers especially in large scale constructions such as building and industrial plants. Insulation significantly decreases the energy necessary to produce a product or provide a service, as it helps lessen energy consumption. Installation and process maintenance expenses can be lessened and the effective lifespan of the project can be successfully maximised. Optimum insulation reduces process temperatures and provides soundproofing to an acceptable level of noise in the industrial environment.

Heavy Duty Sound Isolation

For industrial pipework systems Bellis Australia can offer custom solutions depending on the requirements.  The heavier duty requirements for pipes can be met with 128kg/m3 rockwool pipe sections with a flexible mass loaded vinyl barrier around the outside.  To prevent noise breakout from ducts rockwool barriers can be installed, especially to stop industrial fan or plant and equipment noises.  Get in touch with our experts to discuss the specifics of your project.

Rockwool partition batts are distributed by Bellis Australia, an insulation solutions provider with over 35 years of experience specialising in the implementation of thermal and soundproofing or insulation systems. As known applicators of insulation, Bellis incorporates their expertise in order to support engineering in different facets of insulation.