Bellis stocks Rockwool blocks, blankets, and fabricates customised pipe sections and boards based on client requirements.


Rockwool is a versatile insulation product used globally to provide efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly protection through its thermal, acoustic and fire resistive properties. Additionally, the physical properties are malleable to the requirements as the material can be made to be flexible, stiff, dense or, lightweight, resistant to compression. It is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled products into fine wool like fibres which are bonded together using a thermosetting resin.

Rockwool has a long history of utility in a myriad of industries from the eve of its production in the 1930s, growing to see use in the residential, commercial, marine, and industrial sectors.

Today it is a standard in the global industrial plants as a vital cost-efficient insulation system component. Within Australia itself, rockwool has been used extensively in coal and gas fired power stations, petrochemical refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG plants and fertilizer plants.

rockwool benefits

Rockwool has a unique and wide-ranging set of benefits.

Rockwool has a wide range of uses in its different forms:

Industry: Boilers, piping, vessels, tanks, ducts, chimneys, acoustic insulation. For energy conservation, process control and personal protection.

Building: Passive fire protection, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, piping and ductwork.

Marine: Passive fire protection, A30, A60, H120 systems, comfort insulation, floating floors.

rockwool application


Bellis strives to provide the highest quality in our products, achieving this through ongoing improvement of our processes and practices. Through this we provide comfort to our customers knowing that they will be receiving quality insulation systems in their projects while still being cost effective.


Bellis is dedicated to providing sustainable products to achieve the principles of responsible environmental management and protect our natural environment. Our rockwool products conform to the following environmental advantages:

  • Rockwool products and product systems used in the various insulation applications have a very significant positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Rockwool is made from naturally occurring rock and is environmentally friendly throughout its lifecycle causing no harm to nature during or after its use.
  • No CFC’s or HCF’s are used in the production of rockwool.

Rockwool Blanket with Mesh

Wired blankets are flexible Rockwool mats with a galvanized or stainless steel mesh that are used to hold shape during and after installation.

These products are particularly suitable for the insulation of high temperature ducts, process pipe work, tanks, vessels, boiler and larger process equipment from energy loss.

rockwool pipe section

Rockwool Pipe Section

Rock Wool Pipe Section is a light weight thermal insulation suitable for use upto a temperature of 650ºC. It is suitable for process temperature control, energy conservation and condensation prevention for plant and equipment such as storage tanks, heat exchanger, reactors, precipitators, stacks, ovens, air conditioning duct work and refrigeration equipment. The Pipe Section is easy to install which is available in different sizes & thickness.

Bellis fabricates Rockwool pipe section insulation customized to suit individual enquiries. These are normally available in 1 or 2 business days from the date of order. This eliminates current delay in supply chain for preformed factory moulded pipe sections which are no longer made in Australia.

Rockwool Board


Our Rockwool board offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal acoustic properties and are scientifically designed to provide a very high level of compression resistance.

It is ideal for use in process temperature control, energy conservation, condensation prevention, acoustic absorption treatment and personnel protection from plant and equipment.

rockwool board
rockwool foil faced blanket

Foil Faced Blanket


Foil faced blankets are flexible rockwool mats with aluminium foil kraft facing on one side of the mat. The foil facing reflects the heat radiation increasing the insulative capability of the system.

Additionally, the foil facing acts as a vapour barrier, reducing the moisture build-up in the insulation system underneath, aiding in the prevention of corrosion under insulation.

Bellis Australia is the approved supplier of Rockwool in Australia from PAROC.


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