Versi-Foam® is a portable and disposable spray
foam insulation system.


It is ideal for insulating, air sealing, sound dampening, condensation control, caulking and void filling. Versi-Foam® applies to commercial and residential construction, plant and facility maintenance, HVAC equipment, roofing repair, marine flotation and insulation, pool and spa insulation, stage/film props and special effects, insulation used within trucks, trailers, buses, RVs and much more.

Pre-pressurised and ready for use

Versi-Foam® is a portable two-component expandable polyurethane system.

Available in a variety of options

Versi-Foam® product line includes a range of formulations and sizes to suit your specific insulation needs.

Why use Versi-Foam®

Versi-Foam® is versatile, spray applied, portable, temperature tolerant, pest resistant and an excellent air sealant.

More information can be found on the RHH website or by getting in contact with us here.

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