Bernarx Rubber End Caps

The Benarx® performed rubber end cap gasket for watertight piping and equipment
termination is a cost-eective industrialised
insulation solution to CUI.

Rubber End Cap Gaskets

The end termination of pipe insulation is a critical point for prevention of
water ingress into the pipe insulation material. Installing of metal cladding end termination may be challenging to achieve with water ingress and potentially damaging the pipe coating due to sharp metal edges as a result.

This leads to a major risk for development of CUI. Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket reduces installation time significantly compared to traditional metal end caps. The product is preformed to the pipe
dimension and insulation thickness and is therefore easy to install and does not require modifications to fit. The risk of damaging the coating system and the heat trace cables during installation is mitigated by using Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket.



  • Fully tested and qualified according NORSOK requirements:
    Dimensional stability (EN 1604)
  • Max temperature (EN 14706)
  • Classification of reaction to fire (EN 13501)
  • Weather exposure and aging (ISO 20430)

Benefits of using Benarx®
Preformed Rubber End Cap Gasket

  • Preformed product that reduces installation time
    signicantly compared to steel end caps.
  • Secures a waterproof end cap termination for
    steel cladding.
  • Eliminates damages to the coating on the piping
    surface which reduces development of CUI.
  • Removes the need for cable protectors.
  • Simplies future maintenance activities.
  • Major cost savings in construction man-hours.
  • Prefabricated design eliminates fabrication on site
    and reduces HSE risk.
  • High performance product thoroughly tested for
    ageing and exposure to harsh environ-ments,
    reaction to re, cryogenic exposure (-196 °C) max
    temperature (+230 °C).
  • Fully tested and qualified according NORSOK requirements.


Benarx Preformed Rubber End Cap Gasket’s comes in sizes from 1.27cm to 127cm. The water sloop on the surface can be designed to ensure the water can run off (especially useful on vertical pipes).

Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket Ensures:

  • No damages to head-trace and coating during installation
  • No water intrusion due to bad water-sealing, as seen on metal end caps
  • Quick installation with no requirements to specialized metal-forming competence
  • Drain off on vertical end-cap due to slope
  • A convenient way to mark off start and stop-points for insulation work at correct distance to bolt lengths before insulation work starts.



Performance and Properties of
Standard Benarx Preformed Rubber End-Cap