CORAFOAM ® PIR insulation

CORAFOAM ® Polyisocyanurate (PIR)


Among CORAFOAM ® polyisocyanurates, there are many kind of insulating foams developed for specific markets and applications such as commercial and civil buildings other than industrial and cryogenic plants. Each product presents different fire behaviours, thermal performance and physical/mechanical characteristics, tailored on project’s requirement/specification. The most important features are density (as it can determine mechanical resistance – mainly compressive, tensile and shear strength) and thermal conductivity (usually 0.021 mW/mK at 10°C for low density foams)

CORAFOAM ® line offers both low-density and high-density foams in the range from 32 to 800 kg/m³, Low densities have better thermal properties (32-60 kg/m3) and are the first choice for the insulation of walls, tanks, pipes, while high density foams (80 – 800 kg/m3) are better for applications that will support mechanical stress, such as weight (insulated pipe supports).

CORAFOAM ® Low density boasts a high thermal efficiency meaning it is an effective temperature insulator.  Coupling this with high degree of fire resistance (class 1 ASTM E84), high dimensional stability and competitive price is why PIR is used in the specification for cryogenic piping and vessels on the Gorgon Gas Project.  PIR is in use on other LNG processing facilities around Australia and internationally.

PIR information

The structure of foam means they can be machined into pipe sections and sections for bends and fittings.  Each block of foam is generally 2500 mm long, 800 mm height (larger than for other insulation products like cellular glass) and therefore require fewer joints during installation. We manufacture these in our workshop before sending them to your site.  Fewer joints and sections also means that there are labour savings for installation of the material, and fewer avenues for moisture to seep through.  Moisture seeping through the insulation is a common cause of corrosion under insulation (CUI).  You can find out more on this common insulation problem at our blog post here.

CORAFOAM ® High density foams (80-800kg/m3) are ideal for pipe supports or thermal breaks.  They have a high thermal conductivity to density ratio and will retain their mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures.

Other products

Bellis also stocks DUNAPOL  PIR and PUR liquid systems for in situ installation by either casting or spraying) .  These are ideal when installation is too difficult or whatever requires insulating is too intricate.  Cryogenic adhesives for PIR and insulation assembling are also available.  For more information on these products or any other cryogenic insulation projects