Bellis Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation is necessary to keep peace and quite in our busy lives.  Whether at home or work, Bellis Australia has the right products to reduce your exposure to noise.

Industrial acoustic insulation

One of the unavoidable issues with industrial machinery is the generation of noise.  This noise can be annoying or dangerous for your employees, visitors or neighbours.  By installing industrial acoustic insulation treatments you can reduce the amount of noise from plant and machinery.  Most acoustic barriers prevent sound transmission by either creating a physical barrier or absorbing the sound.  Foams are commonly used to absorb sound waves, and high density barriers are used to block sound.
Bellis Australia supplies and installs acoustic insulation treatments Australia wide.  We have supplied various products for the following industrial and commercial uses:

  • Use for under bonnet insulation and interior sound absorption for buses, trucks, and cars
  • Boat engine compartments
  • Wall and ceiling linings for plant and equipment rooms
  • HVAC systems
  • Headlining
  • Compressor and generator set enclosures
  • Machinery and equipment enclosures
  • Electronic and electrical equipment
  • Pipe and ductwork acoustic insulation to prevent noise breakout

Products commonly used for this are Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier, Rockwool acoustic products, acoustic pipewrap and Wavebar.  More information can be seen on the above links.

Commercial and domestic applications

Here at Bellis we also supply acoustic insulation for room treatments for residential and commercial applications.  Uses include:

  • Recording studios, home theatre and music rooms
  • Designed wedge shapes for anechoic chambers
  • Decorative wall and ceiling absorbing panels
  • Decorative faced handing ceiling baffles
  • Office partition screens

Domestic grades of our insulation products are available for these applications.

Polyester Mylar Tape

Zero Perm Foil Insulation:
Provides an outstanding barrier that reduces water vapour transmission to a practical zero. Aluminium foil has been laminated in between 2 layers of Mylar (Polyester film), thus giving the aluminium foil to prevent from the ingress of vapour moisture, salt spray, corrosion, oxidization, chemical reactions, oils, greases and other causticity damage.

White Bonded Polyester

Batt – PYB-050

Used in thermal in acoustic applications for the transport industry. Thermal bonding has a low melt fiber blended with standard polyester to hold it together. Resin bonded batting is made from a variety of fibres including polyester, cotton, and wool.