Insulation products based on aerogel technology can deliver very high thermal insulating products using significantly less volume of insulation than typical materials.

Pyrogel XTE and Cryogel Z cover a wide range of operating temperatures.



Product Details

Insulation products based on aerogel technologies are very effective, flexible materials.
The blanket construction of the insulation allows for quick and easy installation.

Pyrogel XTE is 2-5 times thinner than traditional insulation products. It is hydrophobic and breathable, which keeps the underlying asset dryer for longer. Cryogel Z is used for cold and cryogenic applications for LNG and related industries.

It can reduce the thickness by 50-80% of traditional insulation.

Additional information


Wide range of temperature applications
Easy installation
Robust and resistant construction
Reduced thickness while delivering thermal performance
Integrated vapour barrier in Cryogel Z


Reduced installation time
No replacement cost after maintenance
Reduced storage and transport costs
Less cladding requirements