FOAMGLAS® is a lightweight, rigid material composed of completely sealed glass cells. Each cell prevents the transfer of air and moisture through the insulation, even under thermal cycling. Uses of Foamglas range from insulating your home to pipework, tanks, and vessels in an industrial setting.




Product Details

Due to the manufacturing and material choices made in the production of FOAMGLAS® the insulation can meet many of the most important factors of insulation.

The closed cell structure of the material means that it is impermeable to moisture, organics, vapour, and many chemicals. There are also no components that are flammable. These benefits are increased over the long life of the insulation material.

The closed cell structure of Foamglas does not lose strength and is dimensionally stable for the life of the material.

Further information about this product can be found directly from Owens Corning (formally Pittsburgh Corning).  Find more information about Foamglas for industrial applications here or for the building industry here.

Additional information


Constant Insulating Efficiency
Zero Water Vapor Permeability
Moisture Resistance
Fire Protection,
Corrosion Resistance,
Long-Term Dimensional Stability
Vermin Resistance, CFC and HCFC Free
Can be easily cut using saws or routers


Long-lasting, does not need to be replaced regularly
Will not lose effectiveness if exposed to compression
Minimal maintenance costs
Environmentally friendly
Other supporting materials