Duna PIR – Corafoam


Corafoam from Duna PIR is a rigid organic foam available in a wide range of densities. Low density foam can be cut into blocks, pipe shells, fittings etc for your industrial insulation needs. The light insulation offers superior thermal properties at lower thicknesses than alternative insulation products.



Product Details

Low density Corafoam is an ideal product for thermal insulation due to its low thermal conductivity and high insulating power.

The performance of the insulation is ideal for cold and cryogenic temperature applications. This can be either by insulating tanks, vessels and pipework for LNG or industrial applications, or for use in mobile or stationary refrigeration.

The closed cell structure means that it is impermeable to moisture and vapour on top of having first-rate insulating power.


Additional information


Closed cell insulation
Can be machined to desired dimensions
Low density
Appropriate for cryogenic insulation


Reduces energy losses for cryogenic piping or refrigeration units
Save space and cladding material by using thinner insulation
Easy installation of pre-machined pipe sections