Pre-Cut Cryogel & Pyrogel Fittings

Get in front of the Game!

The high priority on any project is the ability to meet and exceed the project’s
schedule. Weather delays, material shortages, & production delays are just
some of the issues that can lead a project to fall behind schedule.
By purchasing from Bellis Cryogel and Pyrogel Pre-Cut Fittings this removes a
significant percentage of your man-hours on site to a controlled environment
removing your exposure to the above issues.
Pre-Cut Fittings offers you the significant advantages in all of these areas by being able to manufacture your Bends, Elbow’s, Tee’s and Valve’s in a climate controlled, off-site venue that allows for a precision cut Cryogel and Pyrogel Fittings be delivered to your site packaged and labelled in accordance with you isometric drawings.

Cryogel Z

· Simplified and accelerated on site installation
· Reduction of on-site hours and manning levels
· Savings on scaffolding and construction program
· Work is undertaken off site in a controlled environment
· Less qualified insulators can be used
· Gain in the total quality of the installation Maintenance:
· Easily removable
· Can be re-used

Pyrogel XTE

Pyrogel XTE is a flexible insulation product from Aerogel for high temperature applications. It offers the same heat transfer specifications as conventional insulation products while being 2-5 times thinner. It is easy to handle, store, and install. Industries that have used Pyrogel XTE include all of the aspects of the Bellis core business. We have supplied or installed Pyrogel XTE on LNG refineries, oil refineries and gas processing plants. The ease of installation is useful in difficult to reach areas. Low volume of insulation required reduced cladding costs.

Pre-Formed S/S Fittings

Also you may want to consider 316/304 Grade Stainless Steel Elbow and Tee covers. They are precision formed and are sized to cover and weather protect insulated your insulation. They are formed from 0.4mm thick stainless steel alloy. The elbows are manufactured to meet ASTM C-450 specication. Our elbows fit 90 degree and 45 degree insulated elbows from 25mm to 250mm NB.