Foamglas for commercial and residential building applications

If you want an efficient, effective, and environmentally
friendly insulation product, Foamglas products are right for you.

Foamglas cellular glass insulation

Foamglas is a lightweight and hard insulation product that has a closed cell structure, minimising heat transfer and completely impermeable to moisture.  The closed cell structure is also resistant to fire, corrosion pests.  Since Foamglas does not contain any flammable binders and will not absorb them, it is completed non-combustible, and will not release any harmful or toxic chemicals to the environment.  It has found use in fire suppression systems.  The hard, rigid, block structure of the insulation prevents pests or vermin from being able to live inside.  The rigidity of the insulation also means that you won’t need to replace it because it will not settle or slump.

Cellular glass insulation has a high compressive load rating.  These properties mean that it is ideal for use in underfloor insulation.  When used in underfloor insulation or in the foundation of your building project, the benefits of Foamglas shine through, especially when compared to polystyrene products.  By using cellular glass instead of polystyrene or other related products, you will not have to worry about the degradation of the quality and efficiency of the insulation over time.

Sustainable and Green use

For sustainable or green applications, Foamglas is the ideal solution.  The insulation does not lose any effectiveness or shape over the life.  Where other insulation materials compress or lose effectiveness by absorbing water, proper installation of Foamglas negates any of these problems.  Since the insulation lasts so long,you can save big on energy from the use of the insulation and also the energy saved by not needing to replace it.

The European Passive House certification recognises the effectiveness of Foamglas systems for saving energy.  The insulation does not give off mutagenic or carcinogenic substances or fibres.  This means that it does not decrease indoor air quality. HFC/CFCs, harsh organic binders or fire retardants are not used to manufacture cellular glass.

You can recycle Foamglas, since it is made from glass.    The long product life also removes the worry about needing to replace the insulation due to reduced efficiency.  We supplied Foamglas for the roof insulation of Federation Square in Melbourne.  The architects chose it because it was the only insulation product to meet the specification for 100 year lifespan.

Whatever your insulation applications, Foamglas is the premium all purpose product for you.  The proven long term effectiveness of the product make it ideal for forward thinking and green projects.

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