Eltherm – Your Reliable Turnkey Electrical Heat Tracing System Solution Provider

When moving large quantities of hot or cold liquid or gas around, thermal regulation can sometimes go beyond what can be achieved by passive insulation alone. When this happens, you need to look at using electrical heat tracing products. Here at Bellis we offer a variety of temperature regulation options for your specific application, in partnership with Eltherm. Bellis Australia is able to supply any Eltherm products, and install them to your heat tracing application. In addition to this, our close relationship with Eltherm means that we are able to direct the specific requirements of your heat tracing need. This turnkey approach will give you the peace of mind with Eltherm’s comprehensive solutions. Applications for heat tracing include petrochemical or special chemical processing, power generation, oil & gas industries, and Concentrated Solar Power. If the application is exposed to hazardous environments, we can work with you to ensure that the unique safety requirements for these conditions are not overlooked. We can also ensure that the required safety standards are met.

LNG Heat Tracing

One of the major concerns for liquefied natural gas storage tanks in LNG processing is the difference between the cryogenic cold temperatures (-162°C) inside a tank and the ambient temperatures outside. The critical concern will be the occurrence of frost heave when moisture in the ground underneath the foundation of the tank or in the foundation itself freezes.  When the ground freezes, the moisture expands, which can damage the integrity of the storage tank, causing rupture on the storage tank wall or explosion.  To prevent this, Bellis and Eltherm are able to provide turnkey solutions in order to ensure proper foundation installation with electrical heat tracing elements are included for frost heave prevention.

Oil and Gas Heat Tracing

To transport or process petroleum products it is important to maintain at the correct temperature to keep the products in a liquid phase and prevent the formation of paraffin/wax.  If these form, they can block the pipework, separation equipment or processing equipment, reducing the efficiency and performance of the operation.  To prevent this, electrical heat tracing can be installed to keep the process operating at the appropriate temperature.  Contact us at Bellis to discuss your specific requirements and application so our experts can recommend the right product.

Eltherm is a German-based company specialising in the manufacturing of electrical heat tracing products.  Since 1991 Eltherm has accumulated the experience to become one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and engineers in modern electrical heat tracing.  Through intensive research and development projects Eltherm has amassed a pool of repeat customers around the world who are satisfied with the services provided.  Bellis Australia has worked in partnership with Eltherm to supply these products to the local LNG market. The professional management team and the technical experts at Eltherm have decades of combined experience in the application of electrical heat tracing for pipework, tanks, and hazardous environment applications.  Talk to the experts at Bellis so we can work out with you how to achieve the goals you require with electrical heat tracing.