Corrosion control from the beginning

Bellis Australia has been dealing with corrosion under insulation since 1981. and in this time we have gained experience in locating and maintaining damaged insulation and pipe work.  We use a complete turnkey solution to your corrosion under insulation problem.  This starts with removing and inspecting insulation, painting of the pipework, and finally reinstalling replacement insulation.  We can completed this with minimal impact on everyday operation.

Bellis is also experienced with the insulation of complete systems that minimise CUI.  These can either use vapour barriers and vapour stops to inhibit the transfer of moisture through insulation systems. Taping or painting pipework, vessels or whatever your applications may be also protects from corrosion. Installing closed cell insulation systems like foamglas is another possibility.

Whether you need to find and remove your corrosion under insulation, or give you advice for future projects to minimise CUI Bellis can help. Contact us on 1300  740 564 or email us to talk to one of our experts regarding your specific problem.