Bellis and Aspen Aerogel

Bellis Australia is pleased to announce our partnership with Aspen Aerogels Inc. USA to bring stock their unique and cutting edge thermal insulation products to Australia.

Aerogel and Bellis

Bellis Australia is pleased to announce our partnership with Aspen Aerogels Inc. USA to bring stock their unique and cutting edge thermal insulation products to Australia.  High performance products including Pyrogel XTE, Pyrogel XTF, Cryogel Z, Pyrogel HPS and Spaceloft, have established a worldwide reputation for solving insulation’s toughest challenges.  We are a stockist of these products, so call us to find out how Aerogel products can be make a difference in your facility.  This new relationship also gives us faster access to the Aspen Aerogel’s technical support team enabling Bellis to offer an unrivalled range of high performance insulation solutions for cryogenic, passive fire protection and high temperature applications.

All Aspen Aerogel insulations derive their superior thermal and mechanical features from a unique silica aerogel component.  Aspen Aerogel blankets deliver the best thermal performance of any flexible insulation material.  The ultra-thin, high performance format is thinner, tougher, more flexible and versatile than competing solutions. Cryogel and Pyrogel Aerogel blankets install faster, especially on large bore pipework and equipment, they resist the traditional enemies of thermal insulation, heat, water and mechanical abuse to deliver sustained asset protection

Pyrogel XTE

Pyrogel XTE is used for a wide range of industrial applications encompassing project and maintenance work in refineries, petrochemical, and gas processing plants. This high-temperature insulation is versatile, efficient, durable, and more productive to install. It has demonstrated time-saving advantages in turnarounds across a range of applications, with its greatest benefit seen in vessels and large bore piping.

Pyrogel XTE is extremely hydrophobic and breathable. By keeping the underlying asset drier for longer, it offers world-class leading CUI (corrosion under insulation) defense.

Bellis has supplied or installed Pyrogel XTE on LNG refineries, oil refineries and gas processing plants. The ease of installation is useful in difficult to reach areas.  Low volume of insulation required supports simplified logistics, staging and reduced cladding costs.

Pyrogel XTF

Pyrogel® XTF aerogel blanket insulation is designed to provide exceptional passive fire protection and superior thermal performance in a thin, lightweight format.

Tested to the most stringent fire-protection standards, Pyrogel XTF delivers hydrocarbon pool-fire protection for up to 4 hours, and jet fire protection up to 2 hours. It can also be used to meet the requirements of API 521 for the sizing of pressure relief systems.

Pyrogel XTF incorporates all the insulative qualities of Pyrogel XTE to combine class-leading thermal performance with versatile passive fire protection. Hydrophobic and breathable, it keeps underlying assets drier for longer, providing superior corrosion defense and maintaining process conditions in the harshest of environments.

Offering more asset coverage per man hour, especially on large-bore piping, vessels and skirts, Pyrogel XTF supports a faster return to service. It can be applied in all weather conditions and requires no cure time, providing immediate protection of assets.

Cryogel Z

Cryogenic service represents one of the toughest applications for a thermal insulation, temperature cycling, frost heave and complex contraction joints quickly reveal weaknesses in the insulation layer.  It is important that the insulation is installed with a degree of care to ensure that cold spots do not form, and that moisture ingress is prevented.  Cryogel Z’s unique features result in a thinner, simpler installation method.  The avoidance of contraction joints eliminates traditional weak spots and reduces cost and complexity, particular in LNG service where Cryogel Z can be used in live installs. Since Cryogel Z is thinner than traditional insulation products it can be installed in locations where access is limited.

Cryogel® Z cryogenic insulation is used in below-ambient-temperature applications in the oil and gas processing industry (LNG, LPG, ethylene, etc.) and industrial appliances. It has the lowest k-value of any widely used cryogenic insulation material, reducing thicknesses by 50%-80%. Cryogel® Z’s flexible blanket form, with a factory-applied vapour barrier, is both fast to install and durable, resulting in lower-cost, higher performing designs.

Other benefits to these materials include the savings in cost, storage, and labour that can be made due to the reusability of the product.  After inspections of the assets being protected, the original insulation can be reapplied.  Most other insulation materials will need to be completely reinstalled in this situation.

Pyrogel HPS

Pyrogel® HPS is engineered to provide optimal thermal performance and value at service temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F). With its extremely low thermal conductivity, Pyrogel HPS is up to 75% thinner than competing insulation materials. This makes it ideal for installation in congested areas or near mechanical clashes, increasing both plant safety and efficiency. Reduced insulation thicknesses also supports faster, easier application—saving time and expense.

Pyrogel HPS is tough and durable, delivering consistent performance without cracking, sagging, or settling. It can be re-used after maintenance or inspection, minimizing the time and expense required to stage replacement insulation. Pyrogel HPS is ideal for use in the fabrication of removable insulation pads. It maintains its shape and location even after vibration or exposure to high temperatures.

With its extremely low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, Pyrogel HPS based solutions can be up to 75% thinner than with competing insulation materials. (PRNewsfoto/Aspen Aerogels, Inc.)


Spaceloft aerogel blanket has the lowest thermal conductivity of any flexible insulation used in the construction industry.  This translates into thinner insulation layers, ideal for space challenged applications such as internal wall insulation, floor insulation and a wide range of thermal bridging treatments.  Spaceloft repels liquid water yet remains breathable enabling use in historic buildings or where challenging building physics prevent the use of a vapour closed insulation.  Spaceloft is easy to cut, adhere or fix to common building elements.  If you value space then you should choose Spaceloft.